Jun 9, 2008

Here we go!

Well, the kitchen renovation started today. We had the tile guy and the cabinet guys in today to start the reconstruction! This is a two-step process - but, they both had to start today. The tile guy came in and ripped up that nasty old crappy lookin' linoleum that we had - I say - good riddance! Burn it!

In order to put in the new kitchen cabinets - they had to rip out the old - so - those guys came in and did that today as well. I had to completely disconnect all the plumbing yesterday and remove the garbage disposal..meaning...all the water to the kitchen was turned off last night.

The sink, microwave, oven, and dishwasher have all been disconnected, unplugged, or removed. The only thing still left standing and plugged in right now is the refrigerator (sans ice-maker and water dispenser). As you may recall in an earlier post - I mentioned my step-son is getting married....that is this weekend. We are leaving this Thursday for Ft. Bragg. The tile guy has assured us he will have the kitchen tiled by Wednesday night so we can leave Thursday morning.

Since we will be gone until Monday - the cabinets and countertops won't be installed until the week of June 16th. I'll make sure to post up pictures of the new kitchen once it's all completed. What this all means and the point I'm getting to is - essentially, we are either eating out or having dinner delivered for the next two weeks. I figure by the time this is all done - we'll never eat out again for at least the rest of the year - and - my wife who absolutely despises cooking or anything else that needs to be done in a kitchen - will want to spend as much time in that kitchen cooking everything and anything she can think of just to make sure we aren't eating out or ordering delivery!

I don't know if that's good or bad! :)


Toni said...

I must say I am jealous. I would love a kitchen redo. Maybe someday!!

Good luck!

Lynne said...

Good luck with the remodel! I've never had anything that major done, but I wish you all the luck in the world! I look forward to seeing pictures as it goes along. :-D

Bob O said...

Toni, Lynne - thanks for the comments and luck wishes! I'm just glad this wasn't one of those "do-it-yourself" projects on my "honey-do" list! :^)

Things are progressing well today. Got most of the tile in. They're bringing another guy in to do the cutting - we have some odd angles in the kitchen that apparently this guy we have right now can't do - so he's calling in his pro!

Everything should be done and up and running by the 23d. Hopefully, I can have some pictures up on that day!

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