Jun 13, 2008

Blogging on the road!

Just wanted to apologize for my absence...this is the weekend my step-son is getting married - been on the road - eating fast food - tying up the kids on the hood of the car - etc etc. I'll post back when I can regarding the festivities...and they may or may not be pictures! We'll see.

Oh yeah - one other side note - some of you may remember that I post a lot about my family - my wife and kids are very clumsy - see posts about my daughter's broken arm, my wife breaking the oven door -etc. Well - there is another pink cast! This time, it's on the new puppy - Crystal. Apparently, my wife also purchased a clumsy dog. She broke all 4 toes on her front right paw. I'll post pictures up later in the week of her cast. He broke them the day before we left. She jumped down from a 6 inch ledge into her soft pink bed - and - apparently landed the wrong way.

Anyway - talk to ya'll later! Gotta get to bed - it's going to be a Loooonnnngggg day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder, its Musical Monday!

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