Aug 24, 2008

We Moved!

Yup - That's right! Not only am I back - but - I moved. After trying to play around with this site to spruce it up...I just threw in the towel. I moved to

Same name - same old stuff - just a new home with a different look! If you guys are looking to get paid for blogging - and I don't mean the pay per post stuff - I mean just for putting up blog posts - come join me and create your own blog at - click the button there to create your own. You get paid for page views and for creating posts. Pretty cool, huh? See ya over at my new place! If you have me bookmarked - make sure you change it.

Jul 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday! Remember This Guy?

Jul 7, 2008

Summer isn't over yet!

You may remember this previous post Comfortable Summer Gear where I told you about a great website to get some comfortable clothing. Well, it's still summer - and here in Florida - we certainly know that all too well! It's not too late to head on over to that website and get your 5.11 gear. In addition to the comfortable summer clothing attire they have, you can find sunglasses, watches, and all kinds of other accessories. Right now, if you buy at least two 5.11 gear clothing items you get free shipping and a free hat. If you buy at least $125 worth of 5.11 gear you get the previously mentioned items and a free travel mug.

So, check them out and tell them I sent ya! :^)

Blog Upgrade

Just in case anyone who regularly drops in here is wondering why I haven't been posting anything - it's because I'm in the process up updating/upgrading/redesigning my blog. It's taking me longer than I thought.

I'm not really happy with the way this one looks, so, I've been scouring the web to find a decent template. However, none of the templates are really anything that I am looking'm working on my own based on other designs that I've found. I know how to program in HTML, but this CSS XML PHP stuff is new to me. While I do recognize a lot of the HTML in the code, there are certain syntax that I'm working through and figuring out.

So - please bear with me as I bear through this code! I promise I will be back very soon - in the meantime - I will try to at least hit the meme days - Musical Mondays, Wordless Wednesday, and the like since those are real easy posts!!

We have just about finished the kitchen now. The only thing left is to re-install the microwave - which will get done this week. I finished the painting and trim this evening. Hopefully, I can post up the pictures by the weekend!

See ya and thanks for having patience with me!

Jul 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday! (Well, Sorta)

As you all know - I don't post any political stuff on this blog. However, considering the cost of gas these days - I think it's on everyone's minds. The Democrats and Environmentalists refuse to allow us to drill and explore in Alaska because they say it affects the wildlife. These are pictures taken from around the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska refinery and pipeline. This wildlife look really disturbed! I just want to know why our government officials continue to lie about this stuff. I suggest you google "Gull Island oil reserve" and see you what you find! It'll blow you away!

Jul 1, 2008

Musical Mondays #9

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife

Q: What song title includes the word:

A: Dance, Dance, Dance
By Chic

What's your answer?
Post it on your blog and sign Mr. Linky so we all know who's playing

Jun 28, 2008

I'm such a slacker!

I really feel like I've been neglecting this blog! Even though I haven't exactly been posting anything here - I have been doing my drops!! Actually - things have gotten really busy out here in the virtual world with my other blog - and in the real world with work and home improvements.

The kitchen is almost done! The installation and tile have been completed. I've been patching holes and putting up painter's tape all day today. Tomorrow I'll be doing the painting. The wife is still trying to pick her colors. I figure she'll have that decided by the time I'm done sanding down all the spackled patches and finish taping around the areas that needed sanding first. Then - we'll head on down to our favorite DIY box store (..and no, it's not HD)..and pick up the paint.

I figure I will get to the trim next weekend since we'll need to make sure the wall paint is dry and then I need to tape around the trim! Can't do that over fresh paint. So - the point being, hopefully, I can put up some pictures next weekend of the finished kitchen. We made the mistake of not taking any "before" pictures as a direct comparison. However, I've been looking through my memory sticks and I think we might have enough regular family time pictures from the kitchen that you guys will be able to see the differences.

In any case - let's consider this my obligatory post. I'm sure I'll be back by at least Monday or Tuesday to put something else here! I have some humorous stories to share with regards to the kids - I just haven't been able to get them out here yet! Anyway - check back again - I just might have them up!

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