Jul 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday! (Well, Sorta)

As you all know - I don't post any political stuff on this blog. However, considering the cost of gas these days - I think it's on everyone's minds. The Democrats and Environmentalists refuse to allow us to drill and explore in Alaska because they say it affects the wildlife. These are pictures taken from around the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska refinery and pipeline. This wildlife look really disturbed! I just want to know why our government officials continue to lie about this stuff. I suggest you google "Gull Island oil reserve" and see you what you find! It'll blow you away!


Jacob Bager said...

Hi. Well the oil prices are high . . .

And their say it's because the reserves are low.. But there not.. So there has to another reason.

Btw. thanks for placeing The "Read before you drop" banner.

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