Jun 28, 2008

I'm such a slacker!

I really feel like I've been neglecting this blog! Even though I haven't exactly been posting anything here - I have been doing my drops!! Actually - things have gotten really busy out here in the virtual world with my other blog - and in the real world with work and home improvements.

The kitchen is almost done! The installation and tile have been completed. I've been patching holes and putting up painter's tape all day today. Tomorrow I'll be doing the painting. The wife is still trying to pick her colors. I figure she'll have that decided by the time I'm done sanding down all the spackled patches and finish taping around the areas that needed sanding first. Then - we'll head on down to our favorite DIY box store (..and no, it's not HD)..and pick up the paint.

I figure I will get to the trim next weekend since we'll need to make sure the wall paint is dry and then I need to tape around the trim! Can't do that over fresh paint. So - the point being, hopefully, I can put up some pictures next weekend of the finished kitchen. We made the mistake of not taking any "before" pictures as a direct comparison. However, I've been looking through my memory sticks and I think we might have enough regular family time pictures from the kitchen that you guys will be able to see the differences.

In any case - let's consider this my obligatory post. I'm sure I'll be back by at least Monday or Tuesday to put something else here! I have some humorous stories to share with regards to the kids - I just haven't been able to get them out here yet! Anyway - check back again - I just might have them up!


domesticgoddess said...

Thanks for letting me know! I updated your code so it should look a-ok now! Thanks for the comment also! I have been slacking on my dropping..been busy!

Bob O said...

Thanks! I really appreciate that!

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