May 12, 2008

Kylie Broken Arm - Final Updates!

Hello All - if you've been following this saga, you will know that my daughter, Kylie, broke her arm over Easter weekend. I've posted up the pictures of her in her cute little pink cast. Well, this is the final, hopefully, update!

We took her back in to the orthopedic surgeon today. Her arm has healed completely and the bone looks great. They've removed the cast and we don't need to go back for any follow-ups. Her little arm is red and has some bumps from the moisture that built up, and her skin is flaky and dried up, but otherwise it looks great.

She was a bit tender and had a little trouble straightening out her arm since she had it casted in a 90 degree angle for the past 6 weeks. However, she has since come on strong! It's almost as if she never had that cast on. She's already giving her mom a heart-attack! She's only had the cast off for about 6 hours now and she has already dumped the dog's water dish and subsequently slipped and fell in the water. She has already removed the cushions from the couch and jumped on it like a mini-trampoline ~ thankfully, mommy got to her before she was able to fall. Her brother has already figured out that her cast is off, meaning she's much better, so he's back to torturing her and pushing her down.

Things are all back to it's normal chaos in this house!


Rene' Morris said...

Sounds like my kids! LOL I'm glad she's back to normal! *handing you extra casting materials* <---- So you can just do it yourself next time. *sigh*

Bob O said...

Thanks Rene'! LOL. Let's hope there's not a 'next time.' But, with the way she's going...I'm not holding my breath!

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