May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm posting this up tonight since we won't be around tomorrow. Since I allowed Mary to buy the three puppies (all AKC certified) she graciously decided that I didn't need to buy her anything else for Mother's Day. The puppies are her presents.

In any case, we are still planning on going over to Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure for a family day. It's great living just an hour away from the Orlando area!!

So, here's my Mother's Day post to my wife, Mary. Rather than trying to come up with my own mushy stuff, I decided to go straight to the source of all that is cute and mushy and ask my son, Ryan, what he loves about his mommy. Here are his responses:

I love walking with my mommy.
I love riding my bike while she walks along with me.
I love playing upstairs with my mommy. (He has a playroom upstairs)
I love eating fruity pebbles with her.
I love eating pancakes with her.
I love playing on my swingset with my mommy.
I love when she plays spiderman with me.
I love when she reads my books to me.
I love when she kisses me from head to toe.

Wow, my wife does a lot of things with him! I'm glad that he loves spending time with his mommy and I'm sure she loves spending all that time with him.

Happy Mommy's Day Mary!

And..Happy Mother's Day to all you other Mothers out there as well! Take a day off. You deserve it!


crazy working mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Bob O said...

Thanks Crazy Working Mom!!

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