May 13, 2008

Mother's Day at Islands of Adventure Orlando

As many of you may be aware, I took the family over to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando for Mother's Day. We had a great time over there! I've decided to post just a couple of the pictures here for you all to see. You can click on the images to make them larger.

The first set is Ryan meeting his most favorite superhero of all time - Spiderman! Ryan was very excited the whole ride over knowing he would get to see him. You'll notice that he is wearing his Spiderman shirt.

Here's Ryan meeting Spiderman. Spiderman gave him a high-five and commented on his shirt.

Here's Ryan and Spiderman striking a pose!

Ryan and Spiderman posing for the "real" picture. I went ahead and bought that one for him. If I get an opportunity, I'll scan that one up some time. It's a really great picture and well worth the joy Ryan will get from it for years to come!

Ryan with my step-daughter on the Carou-Seussal

Mary with Kylie on the Carou-Seussal. You'll probably have to enlarge this one to see them..they're in the middle there!

We all had a great time. It was a heart-breaking departure. :( When it was time to go, Ryan refused (naturally). He started crying because he didn't want to go. This wasn't the usual - fun time is over cry - He was genuinely sobbing because he had to leave Spiderman! I had to carry him back to the car. The poor little guy cried all the way there - which was about a 20 minute walk back to the car. The whole time he was crying and saying how he was going to miss Spiderman and that Spiderman him too! Talk about tugging at the heart strings! The good thing, he was asleep before we got out of the parking garage - and he slept all the way home.


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad your family had a fun Mother's Day celebration. Love the photos of Ryan and Spiderman.

TOPolk said...

Looks like your son had a good time. As a huge Ghostbusters fan, I almost hurt myself when I got to meet the Ghostbusters at Universal Orlando (and I was 19 at the time). I can only imagine how much fun your son had meeting Spiderman.

That moment is going to stick with him forever, even after he's older and realizes that it was just a guy in a suit.

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