May 2, 2008

It's your job!

Ryan: Daddy! Come wipe my butt!

Me: You can wipe your own butt! You're big enough now!

Ryan: But, I'm only 4!

Me: I know. You're big enough now to try and wipe your own butt!

Ryan: No I'm not! You come here and do it now!

Me: Don't you have to wipe your own butt in school?

Ryan: No. My teacher wipes my butt! You need to come in here now and wipe my butt!

Me: I already did! (I tried to switch tactics here. I don't know what I was thinking!)

Ryan: No you didn't!

Me: Yes, I did!

Ryan: (Comes walking out of the bathroom naked, turns around, bends over and says). No, you didn't! See? And, my butt still smells! Go ahead and smell my butt!

Me: Get your little behind back in the bathroom.

Ryan: (Walking back into the bathroom) You need to wipe my butt now! It's your job!

I guess he set me straight! I did end up wiping his butt after all. Well, it is a cute butt. I just hope I don't have to wipe it for him when he's 16!


Rene' Morris said...

We get the same thing from our three year old. "I done!" he hollers from the bathroom. Last night we were in our room watching a movie, dh was on the floor and Joshua had apparently been yelling for a while that he was done. So what does he do? He comes out in nothing but his shirt, climbs up on dh who was laying on his side and says, "Daddy! I said I done!"

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

I am glad I am not alone in this issue. He know how and does it by himself often but for reason it is the biggest issue to get him to do it all the time.

Bob O said...

It is good to see that we are not alone either then! I'm really hoping to break him of this soon. He really is big enough to do it by himself now. It's just getting him to do it!

Saph said...

This is a hurdle we have also. She's still not very good and wiping herself after she does #2.

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