May 2, 2008

Iron Man Rocks!

As you all may recall from previous posts, I am a real superhero and cartoon nut. As such, I've been getting Ryan into superheroes as well. I took him to see Iron Man today. What an excellent movie! I highly recommend it! While I really don't like Robert Downey, Jr., the part of Tony Stark was perfect for him! He plays that part very very well! He even looks like Tony Stark.

In any case, Ryan really liked that movie also. I do have to state that it is rated PG13. I debated whether I should take my 4 year old to see it. It is rated PG13 primarily because of the opening setting. They've modernized the origin of Iron Man and set it in Afghanistan rather than Asia. There are some war scenes (explosions and gun fire and such). However, there isn't any bloody scenes. There are some classic good-guy versus bad-guy scenes involving Iron Man, but, considering it is an action hero movie, that is what the good guys do!

So, if you have kids under 13 and don't really have a problem with the Afghanistan setting (considering this is the reality our kids are being raised in nowadays) I would recommend it. Or, check the movie out yourself before you decide if you want to take your under 13 kids. Also, if you do go, stay until all the credits roll. There is an additional scene that sets up the movie(s). If you are a Marvel comic fan, you will probably already have guessed it based on some other scenes involving an agent from a certain intelligence agency.


Saph said...

We just went to see it this weekend! It was great. Shucks, we didn't stay when the credits started rolling. Oh well.

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