Apr 7, 2008

Stay away from AdBrite!

Okay..I guess the first thing I need to do is to apologize to any visitors who came by and got pop-up ads and audio ads. I signed up for AdBrite advertising services and placed some code on my site. Apparently, my ad zones were set up for "full page ads" which were the pop-ups. Regarding the audio ads without the pop-ups..I have no idea how the heck that got set!

If you've been following previous posts, you'll note that this was stumping me. Anyway, I took the widgets off my site. Not only did my page no longer jump to the bottom of the page when loading, the pop-ups stopped. But..those darned audio ads continued to play.

I went to the AdBrite site and changed all my adzone settings to "off." That did not stop the audio ads either. I went back out and deleted my ad zones. That didn't stop the audio ads either. I had to completely cancel my account to get the audio ads to stop running. Apparently, once you provide them with your URL they send a streaming audio through that URL.

So..be warned..if you don't want pop-up ads or streaming audio on your websites...stay away from AdBrite. These things are very annoying and drive people away from your site rather than keep them!


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