Apr 7, 2008

Is there a RADIO AD on my blog?

Okay..seriously...am I going crazy? Is this another one of my schizo moments?

I asked in a previous post (click here to see it) if anyone else was noticing something funny with my blog in their browser..only got one response and the answer was..nope..everything looks fine.

Just a quick recap - when I view this blog in IE7..my logo in the top left drops down to the bottom of the header. when I view this blog in firefox..everything looks fine..but the entire page drops to the bottom and you have to scroll back up to the top.

Here's the new thing...yesterday I was watching a youtube video. I always keep my volume off when I browse. I turned it on to watch the video. I forgot to turn off the volume. I went to my blog some time during my browsing adventures..and I started hearing what sounds like a newscast voice over on my blog. I closed out my browser and it went away. I went back to my blog and its still there. I checked again..and I hear that fake newscast voice over. Is anyone else hearing this? Is it just me again?

If you are hearing it..I need to figure out where its coming from and how to get rid of it..I know it drives people away...it would me!

If someone could be so kind to comment..I would really appreciate it.


CyberCelt said...

It is your popup window. There is a video with Mr. T in it.

I do not know how I activated it, but I am sure you do.

Jared said...

I don't hear anything, however I am using IE6 right now and your header image is at the bottom of your header.

BTW: Thanks for visiting DadThing.com and commenting!

Bob O said...

Jared ~ thanks..that's odd..I'll have to try to figure that out.

Cybercelt ~ I have a pop-up? I'll have to check out my ad sites..I might have one of them set for that..which I certainly don't want! Odd though...I shouldn't be able to hear it if I don't have a pop-up though! Any more thoughts on that one?

Bob O said...

Just wanted to add..the ad I keep hearing over and over is something about Hawaii and some volcano..not Mr. T.

This is very annoying!

GeekMom said...

I don't hear anything or see a popup in Safari for Mac OSX. Looks great. Have you watched the first episode of BSG 4 yet? Wow!

Bob O said...

Hi GeekMom! Actually, I figured it out last night. It was my AdBrite ads. I had to take them off my site and cancel my subscription entirely to get it to go away. I'm glad you didn't get a popup or hear anything. Haven't had a chance to watch BSG yet. I have it on the DVR though. Been so busy with my blogs and my kids, haven't had the extra time for myself yet. But, I will get to it this week before the next episode!

Cyber said...

Hello, Bob!

Glad you figured it out. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. I hate those audio ads.

May that be the worst of your troubles this year.

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