Apr 4, 2008

Is there something wrong with my browser?

I switch between IE7 and FF. When I view my blog in FF..everything looks great. When I view it in IE7..my logo above is at the bottom of the header (it should be center left), my right side-bar does not show up at all, my widgets on the left sidebar don't show up, and only the most recent post shows up instead of all of them. When the page loads on IE7 it also says "Done with errors on page."

A problem I see with FF though is that every time the page loads..it automatically jumps to the bottom of the page. This does not happen with my IE7.

Could someone kindly please comment and let me know if they are experiencing any of these problems when they view my page? If you are a knowledgeable techy, if you have an idea what might be my problem..could you please comment? I'd like to figure this out! I want the best experience for my readers.



Tina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and adding my badge to your site. I've taken your code and placed it on my "blogs of interest" page.

Magpies Zone said...

Hi Bobo! I didn't see anything wrong here on my FF, everything looks in place, sunno about IE because I was never use that stupid IE browsers for many years now :o)

By the way, thanks for your comment and birthday greetings on my blog.


Bob O said...

Thanks Mags...I don't know what it is...its still doing it. I hope someone else comes by that sees what I'm seeing and can explain it (other than flashbacks from all those "things" I did when I was younger!)

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