Apr 5, 2008

Has anyone else ever had to do THIS?

Okay..so, I was just over at Erica's blog Beautiful-mess commenting on her post about how she can't get out of Wal-mart without her daughter putting lots of stuff in the cart and I thought of something that I needed to ask over here on my own blog....

Has anyone else hear ever had to carry their child out of a store screaming at the top of their lungs while everyone in the store is looking at you as if you were kidnapping the child?

Often times, Ryan gets really out of hand in the store. We have to bribe him and tell him he can get a toy or a book after we are done shopping as long as he's good in the store. Sometimes that's not enough. So..when he realizes that we are leaving mid-shopping (anyone else ever just leave a cart full of stuff in the middle of an aisle because of their child's inability to behave?) and he's not getting his "surprise" he will start crying and screaming at the top of his lungs! "Oh no, not my child" you might be saying to yourself right now...oh how I wish that were true for me. So...he gets to the point where I can no longer lead him through the store by his hand...he will drop to the floor like a rock!

I have to pick him up and carry him out. Now...here's the kicker...my son looks more like his mom than me. I'm blonde haired..he's strawberry blonde. There is very little physical resemblance between the two of us. So..here's this big blonde haired guy...carrying a little red-haired child through a store with that child screaming at the top of his lungs


So...people are staring...I'm getting those double takes...and its a verrry looonnng walk to the front of the store (for some reason he only starts up when we're at the very back). I don't want to walk too fast because that would look too suspicious. On the other hand..I don't want to walk to slow either because he's screaming like a frakkin banshee and I'm totally humiliated at this point. I'm only hoping in my mind as we continue through the store that just once he would mention that I'm his Daddy. You know..anything.."Daddy, I don't want to go" or "Daddy, put me down" or anything that has "Daddy" in it...but noooooooo....every single time it happens...he has to scream for his Mommy even if she's not in the store...not that its a bad thing for him to want his Mommy...just that it would be better if everyone knew that the screaming child hanging over my shoulder actually is mine!


Ada said...

The story of my life, I can relate all to well, now triple the number 1 to 3, and my nightmare of shopping :)

Melinda Zook said...

Oh yes, we have had this. I guess having your child do this at least once is at test all parents must take to move up to the next level : )

It is scary though because my son likes to yell "i want my mommy" anytime he is upset (I believe he got this from being in daycare, that's what all the kids scream to the teachers when they're mad) and he will do it even with me standing right there. So here I am with a kid yelling, "I want my mommy!" when I am carrying him! Talk about looking suspicious. Thankfully he hasn't done that too often (at least in public) because then I'd have to explain my kid's weird quirk of screaming that phrase.

Chris said...

Anyone who give you dirty look when your child is going ballistic is obviously not a parent. And if he or she is a parent, then they are in denial and quite frankly their child is not normal.

Try traveling with 5 children on a 16 hour international flight...Ahhh the joys of parenting...

Bob O said...

I certainly appreciate the sympathy!

Ada - Been there! Ryan & Kylie are children 5&6. When the older kids were younger...there were several times I just left the cart and we walked out.

Melinda - That's funny! It's bad enough being Daddy and having him yell for Mommy..but, being Mommy and still having him yell for his Mommy..can't imagine!

Chris - I agree 100%..can't say I've ever taken the kids on an international flight..I've been on several myself though..I can certainly sympathize with you! You musta been ready to pull your hair out..or want to hid in those cramp little restrooms!

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