Apr 8, 2008

The demise of Entrecard?

Is anyone out there even going to read this? As of their "change" my traffic has dropped by 200%. I get the reason why they decided to limit drops, to slow down the power droppers. However, by changing the way we advertise has put everything to a crawl. There is no longer any incentive to drop. I could have my queue full and still have an ad rate of 70ec meaning that as soon as a spot came available, someone would want to advertise on my site because it was affordable.

I could essentially control the range of my ad rates. It was directly reciprocal to the number of cards I dropped. Depending on the number of cards I dropped the night before, I could expect about half of those individuals to reciprocate. Now..with the way they set it up, if my queue is full it will cost someone 2048ec to advertise! Who the heck is going to pay that amount? What is the incentive now to drop?

There are a lot of droppers out there like me who are half-power dropper/half browser. As I'm dropping, if I come across a discussion based on the headline, I would slow down to read and possibly comment. With the ad rates being so freakin high on many of the people I used to advertise and drop cards on, it will take forever now to drop enough cards to get to that point..and..with them limiting the number of drops, it takes incentive away from the power droppers. Even the power droppers might stop when they see something interesting.

Don't get me wrong..if you drop on me...I will drop on you! Maybe we'll at least get to see who our real readers and viewers are!

I believe this is the beginning of the downfall of Entrecard. You know..you woulda thought that after their failure with Blogrush they would have learned. They just turned a very popular website and traffic tool into a dud!


Bobbie said...

I agree with you completely. I don't know what they are thinking over there. I was about 212 to advertise then I went to 32 then 64 well today I was 64 and I accepted 1 ad on my blog and my rate went up to 1024. I can't for the life of me figure out what they are doing. But I am also afraid they will be the ruin of themselves.

ED said...

tks for the update...

I was wondering why it suddenly cost 168 credits to advertise on my blog.

Doesnt look good 4 my traffic :(

Shen said...

Well it seems that the more ads there is on the que of a blog the higher the cost will be to advertise there... I don't know the exact logic on this but I am very confident that they will be improving it in the future.

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