Apr 8, 2008

Don't put the puppy in the oven?

Setting the stage:
First - we have two puppies. 1 male yorkie and 1 female yorkie. We keep them primarily in the kitchen by putting up gates between the kitchen and living room and a gate between the kitchen and the den. We have a walk-through.

Second - a couple weeks ago, Mary broke the glass out of the oven door. (That's another blog post in the future). The new glass came in last Friday and I replaced it on Sunday. Tonight, Mary used the oven for the first time since she broke the door. She made pizza. After dinner, and about 20 minutes after she turned off the oven, she mentioned that it was still unusually hot.

Puppy in the oven?
I just walked out into the living room...pulled out the laptop and was getting ready to plug it in and turn it on. Mary, the kids, and the puppies were all still in the kitchen. Here's the exchange I heard.

Mary - Ryan, where's the puppy?

Ryan - I don't know.

Mary - Ryan, seriously. Where is Abby?

Ryan - I told you already. I don't know.

Mary (more sternly) - Ryan! Where is the dog? I know she can't get out of the kitchen. Where is she?

Ryan (more sternly back) - I said I don't know!

Mary - Ryan! Don't put the puppy in the oven again!

At this point...I immediately threw the laptop onto the couch and headed for the kitchen...

Me - He did what?

Mary - Oh! Sorry! I meant the oven in the Kylie's play set.



Angelika said...


Thank goodness. :-)

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