Mar 26, 2008

What the Frak?

Like I have anything better to do at 3 frakkin 30 in the morning? that I'm going to be too frakkin tired to do anything of value at work I sit, blurry-eyed, staring at my blog!

Seriously, anyone else have this problem? I keep saying in my head..okay..5 more minutes, then I'll go to bed.

Let's see..I think I first said that at around 10:30pm..yesterday (?) night? Holy Frak Batman!

Ryan is sleeping on his Elmo fouton in front of me...while I sit here on the couch..bloggin again! (He came out at around 12:30...wanting to know why I wasn't in bed yet. To which I said..."Don't worry about it. Why don't you just lay down on your Elmo couch and watch Superman." That was it...he was out!

ANYWAY...I think I just figured it out...I never should have set this house up to be I can be comfortable anywhere I blog! Frak!

Well..gonna sign off..going to 5 minutes.


The Aries said...

Thank you for said "Birthday" to me
You have nice Blog.
Success for you...

GeekMom said...

I do the same thing. My hubby says I have a problem. He tells me, "You know, the internet will still be there in the morning." But it's the only time I have some quiet to get any amount of uninterrupted work done.

And by the way, how excited are you for Season 4 of BSG?! Woo-hoo!

Bob O said...

Too funny!

And...I've already got my DVR set to record! I was a huge fan of the 70's series when I was a kid. It took a little getting used to the character changes (Col Tighe, Boomer, Baltar, and Starbuck) being nothing like the originals...but..I really found myself getting in to it! I hate it when they go into hiatus!

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