Mar 27, 2008

Kylie Broken Arm Update!

That's my little darling to the left there. I'll put up the "pity pictures" tomorrow showing off her little splint and sling. Well..she did very well today considering!

Our day started off at 4:45am. We had to be at the hospital by 7:00am. We live that far away! We also had to drop of my 4 yr old, Ryan, at the pre-school by 6:00am. Everything started off okay --- everyone was just very droopy eyed. We got Ryan off to the school okay and battled traffic all the way down..but we got there in time.

We got into registration and signed in at 7:00. We were done there by 7:25 and the triage nurse took us back by 7:30. A Nurse Practitioner came in and did an assessment, took vitals, and explained the process a little more. We were done in there and moved to a holding area by 8:00. At 8:30 the Anesthesiologist, Nurse Anesthetist, and the Dr. came to explain everything to us. Did you know that along every step of the way they keep verifying everything? We must have been asked her full name, her birthdate, and what procedure she was having done at least 10 times. I asked the Dr. about this..especially the part about everyone asking what she was having done. He says they all know what is being done...they just want to make sure we know and that it is part of the verification checks and balances. Then he wrote his initials in blue marker on her left arm indicating this is the arm he was to be working on.

They all left and the OR nurse came in right behind them. I carried her out the door while they rolled the gurney. At the door I handed her over to mommy so she could get some hugs and kisses. Mommy handed her over to the OR nurse and she immediately began screaming. We heard her the entire time we were walking down to the post-op waiting area. This was at about 8:45. The receptionist in the post-op waiting area directed us to another private waiting room where she said the Dr. would come and talk to us after everything was over. We got in the waiting room, turned on the private TV, and I opened up my school books. I comforted Mary..pretty much going..."yes" "mmhmm" "sure" "its going to be okay" and all the other things hubbies say to their wives when they aren't really paying that much attention. I was trying to study. I read about three pages when the physician came in and set everything was done. I think that had only been about 15 minutes. He said what took the longest was the anesthesia and making sure she was out. He said the "snapped" the bone back in place, checked to make sure it was stable, then wrapped her up arm up. I think he spent more time explaining everything to us than the amount of time it took to fix her up. We were especially relieved to find out they didn't need to put a pin in her arm. make a long story short...she was fine, the surgery was fine, I was fine, my wife was still a nutcase (as mommies are in these situations)...we went and got a bite while she was coming out of the anesthesia, came back, sat with her for about an hour for them to make sure she was eating and drinking and then we left. That was at 11:00. So..all told, we were only there for 4 hours. Kylie has been doing fine all day..except for doing that toddler know..falling down and bumping into things.

Let's see, she bent over to pick up a DVD case she dropped, and fell into the entertainment center...she now has a little square shaped scratch on her cheek.
She was running out of the kitchen and tripped...she now has a fat lip from where she bit it.
Her brother was swinging some beads around (of which we kept telling him to stop) and she walked right into them...she now has little circles on her forehead where she got hit.

She's supposed to go back on Monday to see the Ortho for a follow-up assessment and then they will put the waterproof fiberglass cast on once the swelling has gone down. The problem is making sure she doesn't kill herself before we get there on Monday and making sure mommy doesn't have a complete meltdown trying to protect her!


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