Mar 25, 2008

I am the King of My Frakkin Castle!

Or so my wife lets me believe sometimes! Well..since the older kids have been moving out...we've been slowly converting the upstairs rooms into rooms for the young 'uns and a play room. I thought..great...we'll move Kylie upstairs and I can finally have my own "office!" I can move the desktop computer into that room and decorate it however I want.

I had planned on putting up all my Pittsburgh Steeler's stuff (major Stiller Fan Here!)..and I could put up all my awards and medals I earned while I was in the Air Force. I would put a lounger in there, a Flat Screen TV, just lots of cool guy stuff! I had my man palace all planned out!

Ryan got his room a couple months ago. We had already converted one of the rooms into a Pooh Playroom. Kylie finally got her room last week. Mary worked so hard on that room to make it a "girly room." Wow! Talk about PINK! The walls are pink, the borders and closet doors are a PURPLE color, we just had PINK carpeting laid and all the bedding, dressers, book shelves etc have PINK in them! What a Room! We had planned on working on actually getting her to sleep in her room until she broke her arm this past weekend. I guess for the time-being she still gets to sleep in our bed and I will have to wait for my least that's what I thought! Queen Mary has shown that while I may be the King..she actually rules the Roost! I can never stand up to her. She had plans for that room well before I even started thinking about it. Oh well..When all you FRAKKIN think about is football, sci-fi, battlestar gallactica, cartoons, lose out! She's always so far ahead of me as far as planning stuff goes. While we agree that the computer is going in there...decorating ideas is a little different. Let's just say...there isn't going to be any BLACK and GOLD anywhere! Oh well...while I know how to make the money..she's much better at spending it!

I guess I'll just keep my little corner in the closet for now!


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