Mar 25, 2008

Save our Children! Boycott 20/20 and Disney

A few weeks ago there was an article titled Adults Having Sex With Children is Okay published over at The BoBo Files that linked to another website.

Well there's a lot more going on! Check it out over here at Tampa Pirate. They've organized a boycott/protest along with a petition signing effort. You can get the image that I have on the left side there and place it on your site.

You have to see this to believe it! It was bad enough that John Stossel was supporting a pedophile pervert..but, we have Disney involved as well! Make sure to go to the Tampa Pirate's home page also to see the video follow-up..then get your image and sign the petition.

Here's the website that started it all Disney 20/20 Boycott


The Tampa Pirate said...

Thanks so much for your support on our efforts to stop this new movement trying to make pedophilia just another sexual preference instead of the abomination it actually is.

I will get you in touch with one of our friends who will help you with your header or anything else you need.

Peace and thanks for standing with us.

The Tampa Pirate

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