Jun 20, 2008

Wedding Pictures are here!

As promised! Here's just a few of the pictures from the wedding up in Ft. Bragg.

Ryan was the ring-bearer. Sorry the picture is blurry - had Kylie in one arm squirming while he was coming up. We had to bribe him to get him to do this. That is my step-daughter walking him up the aisle. The only way he would do it was to have her walk him up and I had to promise him I would take him to the mall later to pick out any Spiderman toy he wanted. Once he got to the pews, he said, "That was very scary!" Then he sat down and announced very loudly - "I'm never doing anything like that again!"

Here's my step-son Danny with his soon-to-be new bride. This is just after her father handed her to Danny.

This is our "Hallmark" picture of the day. As the services began, Ryan stood up to get a better look so obviously, his little sister had to copy him. Look at those curls!

I don't know if you can see this very well - this is the aftermath of sharing the cake. Danny made a very huge mistake! He went first! I don't know why people think they need to start their marriage off with a tradition like this..but..I know she was very mad! When it was her turn..not only did she smash it in his face, she rubbed it upwards to make sure it got into his nostrils as well!

And - here's my wife Mary and Danny - the newlywed! You can definitely tell he's her son! She had a very hard time with this whole thing. Afterall, she raised him as a single mom for 18 years. She is very connected to him. She has come to the realization that she is not the only love in her son's life anymore! It was both a sad day and a happy day for her.

And - finally - if you didn't see them down there - I also posted pictures of Crystal and her new pink cast!


Toni said...

Great pics. You children are adorable. I was a flower girl, probably a little younger than Ryan and refused to walk down the aisle would not have my pic made with the wedding party...

The pink cast is cute and sad all at the same time.

I have re-copied your link so...

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