May 29, 2008

We're Getting Another Car this weekend!

Okay - I would say that's a bit misleading! LOL. We're not getting a new car. We're going over to Orlando this weekend and taking back my step-daughter's car. She's living over there with my step-son's dad (that's another blog post for another day) while she's going to college. She's a Freshman - going to be a Sophomore next year.

Let's just say the rules weren't exactly set for her when she moved over there. We bought her a car last year as a graduation gift so that she would have transportation to get to and from school and to get to and from work. Well - she's gone "hog-wild" with this new found freedom of hers. Apparently, there are not too many rules there. However, if she plans on staying out for the night - she has been asked to at least call him to let him know where she will be.

Apparently, she did not come home last night. Neither he nor my wife were able to get hold of her on her cell phone today. She finally called him today at around 1:00pm. She went out to a bar last night and was drinking - did anyone else here know that even people under the drinking age of 21 can still get in to nightclubs? When the heck did that change? I always thought you had to be of drinking age to get into a club that serves alcohol?!?!

In any case, her "friends" who are 21 and older were giving her drinks. She's only 19. Yes, she's an adult, but, she's still not old enough to drink legally and she was driving. Her story to the step-son's father was that she tried calling him but kept getting a wrong number (even though his number is programmed in to the phone) or that her phone died and that someone else drove her car and her to someone else's house and that she was too drunk to drive. Hmmm...why could he not drive her home?

Her story to her mom was that she only had a couple sips of other people's drinks and that she would never get in to a car and drive even if she had one drop of alcohol....and her phone is broken.

Well - according to her "My Space" page that we decided to look up, she has it posted all over that page that she was hung over and got hammered at this nightclub last night. So - because of her irresponsibility - the step-son's father has taken her computer away (that he bought her) and my wife and I are on our way this weekend to get the car. The car is bought and paid for and titled in my wife's name and we are paying the insurance. Can you imagine what kind of lawsuit that would bring us if she ever caused an accident while she was drinking, or even worse, someone else who is not on our insurance was driving her car? Until she grows up learns responsibility - she can take the bus!

The main thing I wanted to get across here is that if other parents out there have adult children that are still under drinking age - beware - there are nightclubs out there that allow people under drinking age in to the clubs - they put wristbands on them to identify them to the bartenders that they are underage and should not be served. Well - that's all fine and dandy - but there is no one out on the floors making sure that those who are old enough to buy the alcohol are not giving it to those who aren't supposed to have it.


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