May 27, 2008

Mommy's not on the ball!

One of the greatest things about having little kids is just how literal they are. For instance, just this past weekend my wife had created a VERY long "Honey-do" list for me considering it was a long weekend.

When we moved in to this house 6 years ago, we had 4 kids and 4 bedrooms. They obviously were not going to get the master that left 3 bedrooms between 4 kids. So, rather than shack them up together, I decided to convert our den in to another room. So, I had to put up walls and a door. Well, now that all the older kids are moved out, we no longer need to have that extra room - so - one of the things on the list was for me to tear down those walls.

If anyone has ever torn down plaster-board walls, you know what a mess that creates - dust everywhere! After I was done, I vacuumed as best I could. However, there was still a fine coat of dust all over the carpeting. I told my wife that I needed to steam clean the carpeting and told her I needed to run to the store to buy some steam-vac carpet cleaner. To which she replied she had already purchased some.

While Ryan was standing next to her, I commented "Wow, Mommy! You're really on the ball today!" Ryan was very quick to point out "Mommy's not on a ball."

Well - I obviously had lots of fun with that - you know - the whole - sure she which he continues to look for the ball, etc etc. Anyway - that is one of my favorite - among many other things, that I just really love about having little kids around. They remind us that there are always two meanings to the words we use!


Holly said...

I remember when my father had torn down all of the walls in the kitchen and put new walls up. It was horrible, I locked myself in my room for days just because of the dust everywhere and having a very low tolerance for dust. Not a good time.

Bob O said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by here! That dust is awful - not not only did it cover the carpeting, I also had to change out all the air filters in the home - I tried as best as I could to keep it from the other rooms, but, it is so fine it was everywhere!

Toni said...

Great story!!!

I have tried to link you and the link is there but your little guy does not show up.

Any suggestions. I am sure it could be something very silly and simple that I am doing wrong...



Bob O said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks for stopping in. I tested the code myself - very wierd - it didn't work when I did a copy paste - apparently, the entire http:// etc disappears and just leaves the "avatarb" part.

The code that I have there for you to copy is the exact code I have on my page and it works. I don't understand why it's not working when I copy/paste it elsewhere. Perhaps I need to come up with a new avatar? :^)

Anyway, I did see that you have me linked on your page. I'll work something out and let ya know. Also, I'll add your badge to my page as well.

Thanks much!

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