Apr 23, 2008

WooHoo! I finally got accepted at Pay Per Post!

I'm finally going to get paid to blog from PayPerPost! By now many of you have already heard of PayPerPost. This is for the benefit of those of you who have not! This is a most excellent opportunity to get paid to blog about things you know and love. Once you sign up with PayPerPost and have your blog accepted, you get to choose the different types of opportunities you would like to blog about. When you select your categories, you can choose those that you know about...that way, when an opportunity comes up, you will be able to tell your readers about the product with authoritative knowledge.

As a matter of fact, I'm getting paid to post this discussion about getting accepted by PayPerPost! See how easy this is? If you haven't already signed up with them, click on any link in this post. It will take you out to their site to sign up. It's a really easy process that is detailed on their website. In addition, you can see examples of bloggers out there who are making some serious money doing this! While I don't think this will be a primary source of income for me, there are those out there making some serious cash that I'm sure it is their main income.

The great thing is, I can see the serious income potential here...but, mine will be a part-time basis, but still making some serious fun-money! I originally came across PayPerPost from another site who blogged about their great opportunities and the income they were making. This sounded like fun to me. I like to write, I like to have fun, and I especially like to make money! After browsing around all the opportunities that are available, I can see that I will be pretty busy this weekend earning some cash! I might even make enough in one week to take the family to Disney - seriously! In any case, if you've seen these PayPerPost badges everywhere and haven't clicked on them before, or hadn't really given it any consideration, now is your chance! I've given you several links throughout this post! If you want to get paid to blog just click any of these links and take a serious look at this opportunity. You wont' regret it!


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