Apr 2, 2008

Quickie Update on Kylie

Okay..so..I don't have the pity pictures up yet. Have a problem with the digital camera. We think its broke. Can't download any pictures cuz we cant get it turned on. In any case, Kylie had her surgery last Thursday. She didn't need to have her arm pinned! Yay! Took her back for a follow up this past Monday. Everything is lined up perfectly..0% deviation! She has a pink cast now. I promise..as soon as I can..I will get those pictures uploaded!



Blue Licorice said...

My daughter broke her elbow when she was 5 while visiting my sisters for her first time away from home visit ever! The hospital was told to wait until I could get there, a mere 1 1/2 hours away but because of a bad radiator and having to stop every few minutes to add more water, I didn't get there for 3 hours. They took her into surgery and she came out right after I got there.

The doctor set her arm incorrectly. He set it the way that boys arms are set, the idiot. When I took her to the doctor in our town, he refused to even touch her entire body. He said take her back to the doctor who set it. I called that doctor and he had me bring her back there and he said he looked at the x-rays, (they did more on her arm) and he did not see any problems with them. He showed me how the bones were aligned properly on the x-rays. I was not knowledgeable about medicine back then and I did not see anything wrong with her arm either. She has no bad effects from the bones being set that way except that her arm is aligned like a boys and not like a girls.


Bob O said...

Hi Blue,

Thanks for dropping by. So..I did not know that girls had different bone alignment than boys! Thats a new one for me!

Sounds like you had quite the experience. In any case, I am so glad to hear that you daughter progressed well. That is our concern as well. Since she's so young, we're wondering how this is going to effect her as she grows. Although the Dr. said there is no deviation..we gotta wonder. I guess only time will tell!

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