Apr 26, 2008

For my fellow ex-military friends!

While I was in the military I had access to all the BDU's I could buy. They're very comfortable and multi-purpose. Considering I could get them at the BX they were pretty cheap. I just came across a website where you can get them pretty cheap, close to the same prices I got them for while I was in the Air Force. Since I've gotten out, I've been looking for a place to get a decent pair of BDU's...I just found that place. So, if any of my ex-military buddies (or hunters) out there are reading this, you can get your BDU pants at this site!

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domesticgoddess said...

Yeah, now the army has the ACU's which look like pixels! My hubby still has his BDU's though.

About cashcrate, they are legit and pay okay, a little spending money. My first check was like 12.00 but hey, free money is free money (especially on military pay!hehe)

Bob O said...

My stepson is in the Army. The first time I saw those ACU's I was a bit freaked out. They look so wierd compared to the BDU's that I wore. I still prefer the BDU's.

Gotta agree with you on the free money thing! I remember that military pay! LOL.

baldeagle said...

Yeah, I kinda outgrew my old BDUs. I will definitely check that site out. Thanks for the tip.

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