Mar 30, 2008

Its my fault....again! am a night owl. I stay up most nights either doing homework (currently in school working on a Ph.D. in Epidemiology) or taking a break in between and blogging stuff! So..Friday night wasn't any unusual thing. I'm on my computer on the couch..Ryan is sleeping over on the other is customary on the weekends cuz he likes to hang out with his daddy and watch all the superhero cartoons..I cycle through Jetix, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang so he can get his fill of Superman, Batman, The Justice League, and Thundarr the Barbarian. He usually falls asleep somewhere between Batman and The Justice League.

Well..Friday he was in a superhero mood. I put him in his Batman pajamas at around 4:30 cuz he was Batman and I was The Flash. Well..he's only 4. He still has problems with not making it to the bathroom at night, so we still put him in pull-ups. (You can probably see where this is headed). is customary on the weekends..when Ryan falls asleep on the couch...I generally leave him there and I will sleep on the other couch. He wakes up if I try to bring him in the room...then he's up for another 2 or 3 hours...when I'm really ready to go to it's just easier to leave him on the couch and I sleep out in the living room with him. around 7:00, Saturday morning he's screaming his head off! Sometime during the night..he moved over onto my couch. I thought I rolled over on him and hurt him or something based on the screaming! was right about that time that I realized that my shirt was wet...then the smell crept in...and...uh oh! My ass is gonna be grass! Ryan is screaming..he's totally soaked from mid-waist to his toes. I guess I forgot to put him in his pull-ups.

I immediately get him out of his wet clothes...put him in a pull-up, new jammies...then calm him down...enough to get him to be quiet enough for the two of us to sneak into the bedroom and get in bed (he sleeps in a fouton at the foot of our bed on occasion as well)....hang on...we're still not there yet. I get him in his fouton, cover him up, then proceed back to the living room to at least try to soak up the HUGE wet spot on the couch as best as possible. I guess its at this point I should also mention we have one of those great, new, comfortable, micro-fiber couches. If any of you out there have a micro-fiber know where this is headed.

I tried my best to get as much of it soaked up as possible. After about half an hour..I snuck back into bed and laid down. I didn't get to stay asleep for that long. I heard another blood curdling scream...kinda muffled..but very clear..coming from the living room!

Mary: Bob! What the F....? (I pulled the covers and pillows over my head at this point). I could hear her coming in...those tiny feet sure hit the ground pretty hard!

Mary: Bob! Didn't you put a pull-up on him?

Me: (pretending to be groggy at this point, voice muffled by pillows and covers) What?

Mary: (ripping my protection off me) What the hell is wrong with you?

Me: (still pretending) huh?

Mary: You know he needs to be in a pull up at night! You're gonna clean that up and you better hope it hasn't ruined the couch! What the F? forward a few hours..I find out on the Internet that you can take urine odors out of micro-fiber couches with a combination of water & white vinegar...and sprinkle baking soda on it..let it dry...then vacuum. is what it says.

I'm calling a professional company on Monday!


Angelika said...

Eeeek! At least it was only urine.

Odoban. Covers the smell of pretty much anything!

Bob O said...

Hmmm..never heard of it. I actually did call for a professional cleaning company to come in. They'll be here tomorrow. I'll have the wife ask them about Odoban. Thanks for the tip!

GeekMom said...

I'm sure the pros know how to deal with it. For future reference, I've also used Borax to remove stinky smells from upholstery and carpet. Works on spilled milk, too. ;-)

Bob O said...

Actually..the did an excellent job! Our couches look like new again..and there is absolutely no odor. For any of you who live in the Tampa Bay area..I highly recommend a company called SteamBrite...excellent work!

Thanks for dropping by and comment Geek! Like the name!

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