Mar 24, 2008

It's definitely broken!

Well...we took our daughter Kylie to see the pediatric orthopedic today. Her arm is most definitely broken..poor thing. I saw the x-ray. Her ulnar bone is snapped in half. The ends are pointing up and touching, much like the tip of a triangle. Man, that has got to be painful for her. Good thing she's on that tylenol with codeine stuff..considering the way mom has been handling this whole thing...I think she needs to take some too!

Well..on the way down to the ortho (it was about 1 hour away) the wife and I got into a discussion about everything. We're both pretty stressed about this. Other than my daugher breaking her arm, we were supposed to leave on Wednesday to New York. My wife is supposed to be a bride's maid in her friend's wedding. That obviously is not happening now. Just some quick background...Mary is a stay-at-home mom. She takes on the entire household! So..while we were driving down to the ortho, we were discussing everything, the stress we're under, etc etc. Well, after she rattled off a few things from her list of things to do..I said, can do it..after all, you are supermom! To which she replied..I don't have a cape. The peanut gallery in the back spoke up..and only as a 4 year old could..said "Or the suit!" provided a little levity to the whole situation..for the moment. Once we got down to the ortho office..Ryan became the hyperactive 4 year old that we know him to be. Good thing there was no one in that waiting room..he was running, screaming, climbing over all the chairs, teasing his name it. Sure, we kept trying to correct him. It got to the point where I had to hold him on my lap..which only made him scream some more. I finally spotted the kids books on a table way on the other end of the room. He agreed to let me read some to him. Well...good thing we were in a doctor's office. Remember in the previous post I mentioned that along with my wife..both of my kids are very accident prone. He was sitting on his knees in the chair next to me as I read the book to him. I don't know what got into him...for whatever reason...he just fell off the chair. Face first. Right onto the floor. Well..that caused him to let out a blood curdling scream! My wife, who is already in tatters over my daughter..who was trying to complete the pre-appointment paperwork (must have been about 10 pages worth!)..looked at me and said.."What the F...k?" Which definitely got my attention! She tossed the paperwork on the floor in order to get to my son. I was already there..picking him up in my arms. She assessed the situation..saw the blood coming out of his mouth, took, yanked him from my arms, hugged him some more and demanded that I finish the paperwork. Good thing he only bit his lip..and the lady at the front desk brought out lots of paper towels and some ice.

I don't know..maybe I need to get someone into my house and cover everything with bubble-wrap...and make sure they leave enough for me to wrap up the kids too in case they want to go somewhere outside of the house! to Kylie. We were given 3 options...1. He could put a splint on now and "mold" it to see if he can work the bone back in, 2. Sedation at a later date with a closed reduction, or 3. Sedation at a later date with a pin. (Actually, he presented it as a 3d option but in reality he says he'll do that as a follow up to option 2 if option 2 did not stabilize the bone.) We took option 1. He molded, she screamed, Mary cried (BTW - Kylie is on Mary's lap, while in the meantime I'm trying to keep Ryan from poking my eye out with some stupid Nemo spinning flashlight thingy). They took an x-ray after option failed. Kylie is scheduled for sedation and closed reduction this coming Thursday. I'll tell you about my hassles with Hotwire later and trying to get a refund. In the meantime...I'll update everyone on Kylie on Thursday.


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