May 18, 2008

What a Great Idea!

Check this out! For all of the EntreCard droppers out there - have you been looking for a way to drop without having to worry about opening up all those tabs or using other people's lists on their sites that don't open up in new tabs? Stay At Home Military Wife created this MOST Excellent E-Card Surf-Ring. You can join by clicking below:

E DropSurf
Power By Ringsurf

If you don't want to click the icon above there, you can always go over to her site and read more about it there before you actually join. Once you join the ring, you get a ring-browser that you click through. Man - I don't know why someone didn't think about this sooner. Kudo's to SAH Military Wife!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos!

Bob O said...

My pleasure!

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