May 20, 2008

It was Dress-up Day today!

I guess while Daddy was at work today, it was Dress-up day back at the household! Mary took the first picture - these are some awfully cute kids! But, you know, I'm just their Daddy!

From what I understand, Kylie found her Pooh costume and wanted to wear it - so Jelly Belly Ryan just had to put on his Spiderman costume as well. Here's both of them together in Kylie's room.

I thought the first picture was so cute, I decided to see if I could get them back in their costumes so I get could some more pix when I got home. Ryan didn't want to put his costume on again - he was too busy watching Spiderman! Here's Kylie in her room.

Finally got a full-size picture of her. What a cutie!

Did I mention how much I really like having a digital camera again? We've been capturing some really great pictures lately! There are going to be many more where these came from. Stay tuned!


Tidbits Of Tammy said...

I will agree they are some Q-t pies!

Bob O said...

Thanks..I guess I have to agree! :^)

Petula Wright said...

Very cute indeed! I like that you recaptured the moment by getting her to dress up again. I'm sure she's always that cooperative. :-)

Bob O said...

Hi Petula,

Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Kylie is a little princess and she is treated like one! She loves to play dress up and loves to change her clothes regularly (already). It was no problem getting her back in to her Pooh costume! :)

Michael said...

I wish I'd have a daughter like Kylie... so cute!

Bob O said...

Thanks Mike - I appreciate the kind comment. She's definitely the apple of my eye!

Holly said...

Those pictures are too cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute!

I love how you have the room decorated!

Bob O said...

Hi April,

Thanks for dropping by! That was all Mommy's doing! You should have seen that room before she got to it! My older son was living in that room before he moved out! What a transformation that room went through. She painted the room herself. As you can see, the walls are pink. She trimmed everything out in lavender and there are pink and purple butterflies and flowers on the walls.

I'll take some more pictures of all the rooms later and post them up.

Also - I checked your profile. I was born in Clarksville. My dad was stationed at Ft. Campbell when I was born.

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