Apr 5, 2008

To my wife: I'm sorry!

Well, if what I read over at Beekers Words is correct, I owe my wife a heckuva lot more than "I'm sorry!" According to an article she posted, there has been a study conducted that says when a woman gets married..the husband adds 7 more hours of housework. When there's children involved, "it gets worse."

Okay..so..we blended two families..so there were now 4 kids. Then we added another 2 kids...plus I had a dog and she had a dog! If this study is correct, I've added a frakkin lot more than just 7 hours to her housework!

Just out of curiosity, I wonder if that study took into consideration the husbands that actually help out around the house doing some of the cooking, cleaning dishes, doing laundry (yes..to include folding and putting them away!), bathing the kids, etc. While I admit there's a possibility I may have added more hours to her week...isn't it also possible that I may actually have helped her some?

Prior to our marriage...her she did EVERYTHING for her kids. Once we got married, I started a chore list for the kids and they all had to start doing their own laundry. I figure when you're 13, certainly by now you should be able to open a washer lid, put clothes in it, put detergent in it, then hit a button! They cycled between dishes, garbage, and vacuuming. The kids had to take some responsibility. So...I ask again...could it actually be possible I could have saved her some time by us getting married?

Either way, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for any time I may have added...I'm sorry for whatever it was that I said 10 years ago that still pisses you off today...I'm sorry for whatever I might say in the future that will piss you off for the following 10 years..and..well..I guess I'm just plain sorry! :^)


Maria said...

ooooh my hubba has GOT to read this!


Bobbie said...

I am going to have this blog printed up and framed and make my husband read it every day. Well, maybe not every day he is a pretty good husband and has managed to survive being married to me for 40 years so guess he has said I'm sorry quite a few times.

Bob O said...

Maria ~ if he does actually read this...this is to him..Dude, I'm so sorry! :^)

Bobbie ~ 40 years! What an accomplishment! I'm sure if you guys are still married..he's said it plenty of times! LOL. NO successful marriage works without the guy saying I'm sorry at least a million times!!!

beeker said...

This was a really nice thing to do for your wife! Thanks for stopping by.

Bob O said...

My pleasure, Beeker! It was a great article and you have a very interesting blog!

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