Apr 22, 2008

Kylie Broken Arm Update 2!

Well...we finally went out and bought a new camera last weekend. I can actually share some now! Whoopie! So..here's the update..with pictures! We took Kylie for her 3 week check-up. They did an x-ray...and it looks like everything is healing up just fine. Her bones are in a nice straight line. So without further adieu..here are the update pictures:

I'm not exactly sure what she is doing here other than just hammin' it up for the camera..but...you can see her new spiffy pink cast there. It's pretty cool...it's waterproof. She can play in the bathtub now!

Here's a better look at it. Also..she's sitting on the step that we believe she hit when she fell that actually caused her arm to break. She was standing on the 3d step (right behind her head) when she fell.

One last picture here. She's just sitting at the foot of the steps..not real sure what she's focused on there. If you look behind her, you can see how our stairs widen and flair out at the bottom. It's for this reason we aren't able to put a gate up at the foot of those stairs. We can't actually place a gate on the stairs until the 5th step..that's where there is finally a banister.

When we bought this house, our older kids were...well...older. We weren't thinking about having other children and weren't thinking about any safety issues related to those types of stairs. We kick ourselves every day wishing we had a different kind of stairs or that we hadn't actually bought this house.

Anyway, she goes back in 3 weeks for her final check up. If everything is okay..the cast comes off. I'll post those pictures then!


GeekMom said...

Cute cast. My oldest broke his arm climbing over a safety gate (hello, irony) the night before his 4th birthday. It was a pretty bad break, and they couldn't put the case on in the ER, so we had to go to an orthopedic surgeon the next morning -- on his birthday! It was a bad night, but he's 9 now, and it's amazing how kids heal.

By the way, I've always thought epidemiology was fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Well kids will get hurt from time to time and stairs or no stairs it would be something.

I am a mom of 5 sons. We have a similar situation as you. I had 2 he had 1 and we had twins together. They all lived at home with us until our oldest moved out 1 year ago (he's 20) then the second oldest moved in January with his brother (he's 19. The other 3 are 17, 15 & 15. The youngest twin was swinging a golf club and my 17 year old walked up behind him and get hit in the head. That was a trip to the ER at about 80 mh!

We had a broken nose (from a bull), broken collar bone (football), broken arm (tree)and a few stiches here and there. I would begin to feel like a bad parent after listing all that but having lived with so many guys for so long, I'm just thankful that these weren't any worse. lol!

I guess of course with a girl it's a little different.

feefifoto said...

Steps are scary. I fell down an entire flight when I was two and got pretty banged up. I still get nervous on them, especially since now I wear bifocals so I'm never quite sure what I'm seeing.

On the good side, she's really stylin' with the pink cast.

People in the Sun said...

Oops... We don't even have a door to our room. It's basically a floor and steep stairs. We'll wake up when he starts crawling. Which will happen soon. We need to wake up.

Pink cast is cute. She'll miss having that.

Bob O said...

Hi All,

Thanks for all the comments. The support is appreciated...looks like we..or should I say...our kids have had a rough time of it!

GeekMom ~ I'm glad he came through. You are right. Kids do heal quickly. I'm really liking this Epi stuff. It is very fascinating!

MacNelly ~ I had a similar experience when I was a kid. When I was 10, my friend and I were playing in his backyard with his father's golf clubs. He was behind me and I didn't know it. I hit him right in the temple, shattering it. He was rushed to Womack Army Hospital and then Medivaced up to Walter Reed where he spent a month. I apparently did some serious damage! I felt so guilty afterwards. He had to wear a protective helmet for 6 months after that.

FeeFiFoto ~ love that blog and blogname! Sometimes those childhood traumas stay with us! LOL! She does look good in pink thought doesn't she?

People ~ you have a little time left..not much. You have a little cutie on your hands there! I would suggest getting a gate now so that you have it when he does start crawling. I only wish we could have put up a gate at the bottom.

Rene' Morris said...

That little pink cast is really cute.

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